Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Draft Version: 4 Panel Digipak

After the photoshop workshop, we had really strong ideas for the front and back panels of our digipak, but we were a little stuck when it came to the last two panels. These were some of our original ideas, however after receiving feedback from our peers and teacher we have decided to develop them. 

This was an idea which we really liked because we are trying to promote our artist so pictures would help to make the artists more recognisable. This would be where the CD would sit.

This was another one of our ideas. Acknowledgements are common in albums and so we also wanted to use this in our digipak.

Lyrics are also common in albums and we wanted to incorporate this in our digipak, however from audience feedback we realised that unless we were going to have a lyric book, it wouldn't really make sense to have the lyrics for just one song on the album. 

We wanted to have some sort of promotional offer in our digipak, that would act as an added incentive to buy the CD and not just download the album. So we came up with the idea of a discounted priced ticket for Elle Lefant's tour. 

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