Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Magazine Advert Draft Designs

This is our first draft magazine cover. We used a similar layout to the Hawksley Workman magazine advert from our research in making the image of the artist the background and having the artist name going across the middle. We still need to play around with the colours and sizes and add some more features common to a magazine advert e.g star ratings.

This is similar to the advert above but we thought adding colour to the artist name would make the advert better.

This is another draft we felt that there was too much text on the advert so we moved things around and changed the text because we felt that the text in previous drafts didn't really suit the artist. We also added an image of the album as we had seen this on other magazine ads and thought it was important to do this because this is her debut album. We cut down the text by adding logos and made the text vertical in an attempt to make the image a focal point.

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