Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation- questions

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

-research on Jamendo, a copyright free music website which helped us decide our song and music genre (indie pop).  We went through many of the songs and music genres on this website such as R&B, Rap, Pop etc
-researched other videos and music magazine and CD covers of our same music genre indie pop and found many results such as Lily Allen, Adele, Eliza Dolittle and the Ting Tings
-we conformed to the conventions of similar indie pop songs such as the narrative and the many locations
-our group did not use a studio to record any clips as the video was recorded in many outside locations
-choice of actor very easy to decide as Sonia was already a performing arts student who was very confident in front of the camera
-A variety of locations were necessary to ensure we had enough shots to keep it interesting for the audience as well as to make sure we weren't reusing any of the clips. Our narrative also meant our character was at different locations
-for the ancillary task we researched several magazine covers, eventually taking some of the ideas and inputting them onto our own covers (such as the layout, social network websites like facebook and twitter, sponsors and where to purchase the album from such as amazon and HMV)
-researched on digipaks and found they gave special offers and things like exclusivity when purchasing albums rather than downloading

How effective is the combination of your main product annd ancillary texts?

-posted a poll on the blog giving people options to choose what our music genre should be and how our artist should look
-researched on other artists like Diana Vickers and chose to follow a costume or dress sense like hers
-evidence of our feedback recorded on a camera of our group going to the other media class and asking them questions of what they thought about our choice of song and music genre and opinions on how our artist should look as well as the locations
-the audience should understand the narrative as it is fairly simple and that it is a indie pop song as we conformed to the conventions of and indie pop song (like the costume, colours, mise-en-scene)

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

-we received feedback for our opening scene as it was too dull and that it did not have enough lighting
-received feedback halfway through our editing as we required more clips as we didn't have enough to make up for the duration of the song
-after receiving feedback we went back to locactions such as Trafalgar square and recorded more clips as we needed some more establishing shots and we also went to a different location as part of our narrative. we reshot the opening scene and took some lights with us
-we were told to try and get shots of the artist singing in the studio however we were unable to as we had already enough clips for our edit
-the most helpful advice we got was from the feedback we got from the other class and miss about needing a variety of locations and going to Leigh on Sea as it was a very good place to shoot our music video
-for the ancillary task, specifically the digipak we had strong ideas about the front and back cover of the digipak however we were struggling with what to put on the inside, we researched other digipak covers like Leona Lewis and found ideas that help attract audiences into buying the albums such as giving special offers and exclusivity
-from other feedback we received, many people wanted us to give special offers like prices off concert tickets but miss didn't like it so we chose not to do that

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stage?

-we used the internet mainly by going onto websites such as youtube to listen and watch other music videos on indie pop artists
-we went onto google to download examples of music covers and magazine cover (evidence of this is on the blog as we have Lily Allen and Adele album covers on the blog)
-Jamendo was used to download the song and helped us choose a suitable copyright free song
-we used blogger as another source of research as we created polls for the audiences to help give us an idea what the audience would expect from a song of our chosen music genre
-we also used mobile phones to help play the song whilke recording our video to make it easier for sonia sing along to the song
-we also used lighting for some of the clips and for images for the magzines and digipaks
-we used photoshop which was very key as it helped us make our magazine covers and digipaks as it was a software which helped add effects and transform our normal images into a appropriate one that would suit a magazine or digipak
-we did rough cuts/ practices so that we can get feedback on it and make the necessary chages required
-the images of other album covers were downloaded and posted on the blog from home
- we also used the internet to find logos of social network sites where people can follow the artist and shops they can purchase the album from (HMV, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter were downloaded from google images)

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