Sunday, 20 March 2011

Final Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • When thinking about the genre to choose, we knew we didn’t want to do Rap/RnB we decided to try something different that we didn’t really listen to.
  • We used Jamendo to research different genres as it has a broad range of uncopyrighted artists.
  • Using Jamendo really helped because we had never heard of most of the artists on there, this allowed us to make our artist whoever we wanted them to be because we wouldn't be basing decisions for costume and artist image on that of the real artist.
  • Chose Indie Pop, began researching artists such as Adele, Lily Allen, Eliza Doolittle and The Tings Tings.
  • Common for an indie pop music video to contain narrative, conformed to this convention in using narrative to depict the story we felt the lyrics were trying to convey. 
  • Also common for indie pop to use bright colours and daytime, conformed to this in using bright colours in our artist costume and shooting the video during the day. 
  • Our video seems to evolve as it begins quite enclosed in the house scene and gradually moves on to more open spaces until it concludes at a beach, one of the most open space. This  effectively depicts the character's journey to freedom.    
  • Needed to ensure that our actor was confident in front of the camera so when it came to lipsynching we were weren't struggling to get our actor to sing.
  • Chose Sonia because as a performing arts student, performance and being in the spotlight is something that came easy to her. 
  • Used a vast variety of locations because of our narrative but also to have things to cutaway to when editing, in order to maintain the audience's interest. 
  • Ancillary task - researched different magazine adverts and album covers using similar conventions on our magazine advert and digipak. The main things we used from our research was the star rating, putting an image of the album onto the advert so that our audience could make the link as this is her debut album, logos of social networking sites and where the album can be bought. Also gave us ideas of ways to ensure that our audience buy the CD and not just download the album.
What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  • Audience feedback has been very beneficial, when first deciding on the song we went to the other media class and had them listen to the song. Gave us ideas of what they thought the video should be like.
  • When we first began brainstorming we hadn't even thought of using a beach, came about as a result of audience feedback and I think this location made our video even better. Also gave us ideas for costume and what they saw the artist looking like.
  • When were ready to go to Leigh on Sea, we were advised to check the tide clocks to ensure that when we were filming the tide wouldn't be far out.
  • When we first filmed the house scene and uploaded the footage, we thought the lighting wasn't too great, we put a poll on our blog to see if our audience felt we needed to reshoot the scene with more light and a vast majority of them said yes. This was helpful the second time shooting was much better.
  • When we first filmed in Trafalgar Square, we recieved feedback that we didn't get many establishing shots and it wasn't very obvious that we were in Trafalgar Square so from this we went back to reshoot.
  • -the most helpful advice we got was from the feedback we got from the other class and miss about needing a variety of locations and going to Leigh on Sea as it was a very good place to shoot our music video
    -for the ancillary task, specifically the digipak we had strong ideas about the front and back cover of the digipak however we were struggling with what to put on the inside, we researched other digipak covers like Leona Lewis and found ideas that help attract audiences into buying the albums such as giving special offers and exclusivity
    -from other feedback we received, many people wanted us to give special offers like prices off concert tickets but miss didn't like it so we chose not to do that

    How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stage?

    -we used the Internet mainly by going onto websites such as YouTube to listen and watch other music videos on indie pop artists
    -we went onto google to download examples of music covers and magazine cover (evidence of this is on the blog as we have Lily Allen and Adele album covers on the blog)
    -Jamendo was used to download the song and helped us choose a suitable copyright free song
    -we used blogger as another source of research as we created polls for the audiences to help give us an idea what the audience would expect from a song of our chosen music genre
    -we also used mobile phones to help play the song whilke recording our video to make it easier for sonia sing along to the song
    -we also used lighting for some of the clips and for images for the magzines and digipaks
    -we used photoshop which was very key as it helped us make our magazine covers and digipaks as it was a software which helped add effects and transform our normal images into a appropriate one that would suit a magazine or digipak
    -we did rough cuts/ practices so that we can get feedback on it and make the necessary chages required
    -the images of other album covers were downloaded and posted on the blog from home
    - we also used the internet to find logos of social network sites where people can follow the artist and shops they can purchase the album from (HMV, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter were downloaded from google images)

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