Monday, 8 November 2010

Artist Profile - Costume

We have been looking for a costume that our artist could wear in the our music video. From our audience research, we have all agreed that the artist should wear:
  • Accessories - These should be a mixture of chunky bangles. Similar to the ones pictured below.
  • Hair Styling - The artists hair should be dark, wavy/curly. 
  • Costume - Our artist will be wearing four different costumes in the music video. The first one is when the artist is at home so we think our artist should wear jeans and a simple top. This costume is casual and reflects the relaxed comfortable atmosphere you'd expect in a home. We see the artist in the second costume after the argument here she is wearing a grey woolen coat and a dark coloured scarf. This reflects the mood she's in after being in a heated argument with her boyfriend. We are still yet to decide the other two costumes our artist will wear. 

Posted by Maria Grillo

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