Friday, 12 November 2010


Our target for Tuesday's lesson was:

  • to finish story boarding
  • take photos of our characters (as we would like to use these pictures as a prop when shooting the bedroom scene)
In our storyboard, we have a close up shot of a framed picture of the couple on their bedside table. We'd like to use a tranistion to make it seem as though her boyfriend disappears from the picture, just as their relationship seems to have disappeared with their argument. We took quite a few images so we could look through them and choose the best two to take to the print shop.

We choose this location because we wanted a backdrop of yellow and green coloured trees as it brought out the autuamnal weather. However this was not too important as the pictures taken would come out as a medium shot so not many of the background image would be seen.

Here you can see Maria taking an image of our male actor, Tyrone and Sonia. We asked them to act as a loving couple.

Here you can see Maria taking the same image but with Tyrone out of shot. We made sure Sonia stayed in exactly the same position to make it easier when it came to editing.
Below are some other images of the photoshoot.

Posted by Sonia Tedeku, Maria Grillo and Mirza Rahman

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