Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shooting: 24/11/10

Today we went to film the scenes at Shadwell Basin. This is the scene immediately after our actor leaves the house angrily after an argument with her boyfriend. This is where a lot of the lip synching during the song takes place and so it was important that we planned this shoot well. In addition, we also had another actor on set so we had to make sure that both actors were ok and knew what they were doing at all times.

The day ran relatively smoothly. We played the song in the background so that our actor could sing along  on the beat, to make the lip synching easier. We ensured that we had a variety of shots and took establishing shots of the location to give us things to cut away to in editing. We didn't have many problems during this shoot the only thing again was the weather and our actors weren't really used to working in those conditions.  

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