Monday, 8 November 2010

Locations, Locations, Locations!
From our audience feedback, our audience thought that a suitable location would be a beach. Taking this idea on, we found Leigh-on-Sea to be the best location because it is known to be a quiet seaside, not many people go there and this means that we won't have the problem of people interferring with our shots.

Shadwell Basin

Shadwell basin is a location which we will be using for our music video. We chose this location because of the time of the year. Autum is when all the leaves are falling down, bringing an out orange and red colours. This colour will provide a nice back drop for our artist performing.

File:Liverpool Street station entrance Bishopsgate.JPGLiverpool Street - Liverpool street is a location we are considering. This is because we want our artist to stand out and look different from everyone else from the setting she is in. Liverpool Street is the best options as it is normally surrounded with businessmen and women.

Sonia's Mum's Bedroom - This bedroom fits the type of room we're looking for for the first verse of our music video.

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