Monday, 15 November 2010

Sample Footage

Today, we went out to film some practice shots for our music video. It was important that we did this as we plan to have shots of our artist walking towards the camera, this means our camera person will have to walk backwards when filming. By practicing, it allows the camera person to get use to this and focus on keeping the camera steady.

We experimented with several shots including side shots, low angle shots and high angle shots. The location we chose had a really nice line of trees and so we thought would could experiment in editing with jumpcuts by setting the camera on the tripod and filming our artist next to every tree. Doing this has given us even more ideas of shots that we could film to give us a variety when it comes to editing.

The video below shows an small edited clip of the sample footage we shot, we just focused on a few lines of the second verse of the song.

Posted by Maria Grillo

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