Friday, 8 October 2010

Artist Profile - Sian Lewis

We discussed what we want our artist to be like. A profile of our artist can be found below:

Name: Sian Lewis
Stage Name: Elle Lefant
Age: 19
Status: Single
Location: She lives in Chiswick in West London with her flatmate and best friend Rachel.
Image: Quiet, humble. She is different with a sort of quirky "Diana Vickers' look.
Possible Costume: Faded denim shirt, leggings and lace up work boots.
History: She first recorded her songs on YouTube before being found by a small record label called Red Bedroom Records. She's always enjoyed singing but has had problems with her confidence ever since she got stage fright at a school talent show.
Fav quote: "I need to dream big because when it happens it's gonna happen real big"
Aspirations: She hopes to follow the likes of Adele and Lily Allen in the future.

'Runaways' marks her first single in the UK market.

Posted by Sonia Tedeku, Mirza Rahman and Maria Grillo

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