Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Genre Research - The Tings Tings - That's Not My Name

The genre of the music video from The Ting Tings "that's not my name' is in the genre indie pop. The Ting Tings are a group of artists consisting of a the lead singer which is the woman Katie White and a drummer Jules de Martino. This is usually expected in this genre as groups have their own assigned instrument. The video conforms to the genre Indie Pop because of the catchy beat and upbeat song. However it also subverts to other indie pop music videos because it is set in a studio where they move around and sing whereas in other music videos there may be a narrative. The music video looks as though they are performing on stage at a concert as they concentrate on the performance aspect of the song by singing and playing instruments.  Also lights are used effectively at the start of the video which creates a big impact and reinforces the idea that they are performing to an audience as this would be present if it was at a concert. They effectively make good use of color and lighting in their music video. The clothes they wear are bright colored clothing like neon colors. This makes their music video even more effective because their in a studio where the background is white so it stands out more. Also    Voyeurism is not used at all throughout the music video, because of this we get an image construction of the band as we get close up and long shots of each individual. From this we establish what they their style is like.

As this song has an upbeat and catchy rhythm it would be difficult to compare our ideas with the way they created their music video as we would like to include a narrative and voyeurism in our music video.

Posted by Sonia Tedeku

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