Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Genre Research - Lily Allen - The Fear

In this music video the director uses the notion of voyeurism. We see this in the beginning approximately in the first 15 seconds as the camera is outside the singers caravan window. It is a view which seems as though somebody is looking through directly at her. The actual video itself seems to have a fairytale theme to it in the sense that the singer starts off in a caravan in the middle of an empty field and as the song progresses, we see her in a big mansion with lots of butlers, dresses and presents. The singer seems to represent the girls in the fairytales, the ones who start off poor but in the end they get everything they wanted. Also, the video reflects the lyrics. When she starts off in the caravan, she says that she wants 'to be rich and have lots of money' and then when the scene changes to her in the mansion she says she doesn't know "whats right or real" this is shown through the dancing butlers and this kind of reflects the confusion in her mind. Also the song is very conversational as majority of the time in the video she is speaking to the camera. In  our music video of runaway we hope to have the singer singing directly to the camera as though they are having a conversation.

Posted by Mirza Rahman on 07/10/2010

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