Friday, 8 October 2010

Target Audience

When creating our artist profile, we decided on our target audience.
  • Age Range - Between the ages of 15-21. 
  • Gender - Our target audience will predominantly be female as our artist's song lyrics are generally about love, affection something that males may find soppy. 
  • Clothing - The things that are in fashion e.g. Denim shirt and vest top, skinny jeans, lace up boots. They would generally shops in places like West End and Westfield and in shops like Zara and H&M. 
  • Music Tastes - Other artists they would like would be people like Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Adele, Amy Winehouse. 
In doing this, we are trying to better understand our audience in order to produce a music video that they are more likely to consume.

I put together a collage depicting our target audience:

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