Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Genre Research - Adele - Make You Feel My Love

This video uses voyeurism. This is shown at the beginning and end of the video as it begins with a shot from outside of the artist's window, it's as though the audience is invited into her world. Her apartment window is central to the frame and shows that although she is surrounded by so many different windows she is still alone. This makes the audience feel almost sorry for her. When in the apartment, the camera is handheld which also adds to the notion of looking. The lack of lighting in the video gives it mysterious quality and makes the audience want to know more as although there is narrative in the video, the audience can only assume what is going on as the artist doesn't give much away. Although the audience is 'invited' into her world, she doesn't look at the camera once throughout the video and therefore doesn't acknowledge the fact that she has an audience. This suggests that she is still holding things back and not giving up all of herself.

We hope to use the notion of voyeurism in our video as this seems to be a common convention of videos of the indie pop genre.
Posted by Maria Grillo

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