Thursday, 7 October 2010

Meeting Log - Meeting 1

The meeting that took place was to discuss the things we had to do in developing our video. Our plans and ideas were:
To confirm locations
Decide on individual roles
Discuss our school timetables (for when to shoot)
Confirm profile image of our character
Discuss possible storylines for narrative

Scheduling Timetable-  We have planned to shoot our video on these days as we are all free at these times and days.Wednesdays 11am -1:15PM (We cannot go too far on this day as we would need to get back to college for our next lesson.). Saturdays 12pm-2pm, Mondays 3pm onwards. We need to exchange numbers so we can contact each other for any updates or problems in making these.

Locations- We discussed locations as to which would suite our narrative. The locations are Leigh-on sea, Liverpool street (pavement), London Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Shadwell Basin. We need a bedroom as we will be shooting a 20 second narrative before the song starts to show a relationship breakup. We chose London Bridge because we wanted a setting which would make our character stand out and look odd with everything and everyone around them. This comes across as London Bridge is filled with Buissness poeple.  Leigh-on sea seems to have a nice pleasant scenary and a pebbled street. The scenary will be effective in showing isolation and reminiscing. As the locations have been confirmed, we will need to go on a location scouting trip. As location manager, I will ask Ms Pollard on how to get to Leigh-on-sea.

Narrative- We have decided that our music video will be narrative based as listening to the song it would be appropiate to show a couple splitting up.

Roles allocated- We also discussed roles within the group.

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