Monday, 6 December 2010

Analysing Advert Research

In the lesson we looked at CD advertisements on different artists. Looking at these adverts helped to highlight the significance of album covers as they all had their own original ideas to suit their audience type.
The following information explains my understanding of CD advertisements:
Manic Street Preacher: This is an image of a half dressed man taking a polaroid photograph in black and white. This image is effective because it clearly stands out of the page and the man is holding a polaroid camera which we don't use much nowadays.  I think that doing this shows that the artists may be into the style of music that existed in the 60's as that was when it became common for everyone to use. It caught my eye straight away because of the size of the image and the fact that the man is half dressed. I think that the advert focuses on the artist image. It would be a good idea to also focus on the artist image because we will be promoting a new artist so having an image of the artist shows any consumers what the artist is like.
Warpaint: This is an image of four women dressed in hippie style clothing, each representing their individuality. This image of the band is bigger than the album cover. This therefore shows that the band are trying to promote their band for consumers to be familiar with them. Taking this to mind we would also use and image of our artist to show establishment.
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