Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Magazine Advert Research

The research that I did in class was looking at 5 different album posters and see who the artist is and what genre, the images and effectiveness and which elements from each of the covers would i be able to put into my on album cover.

The first artist I found was a solo artist named Paul Weller, I didn't know what music genre he was so i assumed he is either rock or country music. The images used in the cover was there was a huge picture of the artist playing the guitar and also there were still pictures showing the extra documentaries about him. These images were very effective as they gave us an idea of what sort of instruments he uses but also shows us there are special features included such as the documentary about his life. Therefore this shows the what people miss out on when they download rather than purchasing an album cover which includes extra features, documentaries. The elements which we may be able to take from this cover are the still shots from the music video and also the layout and font size and colour.

Another artist I found was Crowded House Intriguer, the images used in the cover was of a bear which was very effective as it makes people want to find out more about it. The picture and the font colour and size stood out which was an effective way of getting audience attention. The elements that would probably be used from this cover would be the size and colour of the font and also the release date, sponsors.
Another artist was Hawksley Workman, the image on his cover was rather large of him holding a guitar and there was his name in a large format going across him. All of these covers had the release date, band website and other websites like amazon.

The elements we could take from this cover would be the layout as in having the artist stand or sitting with the name of the album going across them.

The fourth artist i looked at was Hearts and Minds Seth Lake, there weren't many images on this cover however the unique font they used was very effective  to catch the audiences attention. As this looked very effective it will be one of the elements we could use for our album cover and also the plain backgroung color which makes the font stand out.

The final artist I looked at was Gogol Bordello, his cover was of him holding a guitar and standing in front of a lampost and and a wall which had the words 'Gogol Bordello'. What was effective about this cover was the layout of him standing in front of a lampost and wall which clearly made the name stand out. We could use this element of the cover in our own album by having our artist stand in front a of a plain wall and the use photoshop to customise it. Our photoshop class will be held on Wednesday so we can learn and practice our ideas.

By Mirza

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