Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 5 of shooting

We arrived at Leigh-on-sea at 11:00. We were all enthusiastic about our filming day manly because of the ideas we had to offer and the fact that we wasn't really familiar to this neighbourhood. We planned to shoot a few scenes by the sea, establishing shots of our chosen location, cobbled street and a few additional shots just for any emergencies. When we arrived at our destination, the first thing which caught our eyes was a sort of hill with houses at the top of it. The hill gave an illusion of being up in the sky and also it provided a  really stable establishing shot. We filmed a few shots of this and then we went on our way to find our next destination: A cobbled street. When we found this, we immediately filmed a few long shots of our actress walking on the cobbled street while lip syncing. we had a few disturbences of pedestrians getting into the shot and occasionally parking their car in our frame shot. In the end we filmed a decent footage. Luckily the cobbled street was right next to the sea however when we got to the sea the tide hadn't risen yet so we filmed a few scenes of me running on the sand, picking up the sand, sitting on the sand. We really thought about different angles because we got varied shots of these.

Overall, we filmed everything we planned to do and we even got in some additional shots. The weather was nice and not too cold and this made filming much easier because we were not affected by the cold weather.

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