Friday, 17 December 2010

Rough Cut

Here is a rough cut of our footage. The second verse isn't in this version.

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  1. hey guys, if i haven't told you in person already this is awesome! you've got a lot of good cuts and transitions which makes it interesting to watch, especially the part where the background kind of dissolves and whoosh she's at the beach, so thumbs up for that :)

    Costume is good, not too much so it's just right.

    Also, the part where there's a close up of the frame with Sonia and Tyrone in it isn't too clear. Maybe if it was slightly closer than what it is then we would realise that it's just Sonia later on - but I noticed and that was a good effect. SO overall, well done guys, i enjoyed watchig it. keep up the good work and see you tomorrow
    Nilufa x