Monday, 6 December 2010

Magazine Advert Research

Studying 5 magazine adverts from different artists allowed me to understand what we could possibly use in our magazine advert. From looking at a variety of different adverts, I was able to understand the common features of an advert.

Manic Street Preachers
This advert by Manic Street Preachers is effective as it shows a man taking a photograph using a polaroid camera something that is rare in use today. This gives the advert an edgy look. The advert uses star ratings and comments from well known magazines and newspapers as a persuasive technique in order to convince readers that the album is good so they will buy it. This is a main feature of the advert and takes up a large part of the page.  

This advert by Weller as it makes the artist stand out as a solo artist as it shows all eyes are on him, the image is very dominant and the use of strobe lighting and spotlights add to this. This is also used to advertise his documentary and as it is a CD/ DVD box set, this gives the reader an extra incentive to buy the CD as they are getting more. We could also give the reader something extra to persuade them into buying our artists album and not just download it.

Just like our artist, this is Warpaint's debut album. It is interesting to see that the image of the band is the most dominant on the page. This shows that they are establishing themselves as a band to a world that is unfamiliar with them. The use of star ratings from magazines makes the advert persuasive the magazine's have a good reputation in the music industry and so their opinion would be taken seriously.
Hawksley Workman
The image of the artist is the background image. This is effective as the image is dominant and makes the artist stand out. Also, the album image is also effective as it allows the audience to make the link between the artist and album, so they know what to look for when buying the album.

Crowded House
This advert uses an animation of a bear, unlike the other adverts there is no image of the artist. This makes it seem as though their name speaks for itself and because they have such an established fan base they don't need to show their picture. 

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